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The HUB is what you need

The HUB.  What is it?

We found a need in many of our church & non profit partners that we could help fill.  This need was more of an absence of communication & communication knowledge within the organization.  We began coaching several of our church partners, but quickly ran out of time to schedule these sessions.

Enter, The HUB.  At Church Online · Solutions, you’ll hear us talk about your website being your HUB of communications.  So, our one on one trainings morphed into what is now a member only subscription, with fresh content every month to help answer your questions concerning your internal & external communications.  Not only that, but you’ll receive your communications guide for houses of worship & non-profits alike.

It’s only $27/mo and totally worth it.  So, if you’re interested in making your life easier and more productive, sign up.